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TradeYourMind is web-based platform designed to support the creation of SEAM business model. The users can represent its eco-system, analyzes the motivation of the players identified in the ecosystem and then infer the value created. Different kinds of analysis can be made (such as SWOT and strategy canevas). An implementation plan can also be defined. This platform is used by incubators and startups. It also used to capture the business requirements that lead to an IT system specification. TradeYourMind is developped on the SalesForce platform. It is used in our courses.


SeamCAD is the tool developed to support our research. We can make all kinds of SEAM models, even the ones not yet invented. We can model: goal-belief, behavior, supplier-adopter relations. A mode called Pure Seam allows to draw all kinds of model. The tool can generate Zachman representation, to make concrete the relation between SEAM and Zachman. We can also export XML files, for example to import SEAM models in a cartography tool. SeamCAD is used in our courses and by the EPFL IT department.

  • Perform theoretical and applied research in business and IT alignment and related fields

    Teach graduate enterprise architecture and business plan disciplines

    Perform technology transfer to established companies and start-ups


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