Laboratory of Systemic Modeling LAMS

Current projects

Web-Based Computer-Aided Design Tool for Service Models

This project’s objective is to build a web-based CAD tool for modeling services featuring a well-designed user interface (UI).

Responsible: Blagovesta Kostova

Service models’ alignment with an IT system: translation between OpenAPI and an IT system model

This project’s objective is to create a tool that:
  • Transforms an OpenAPI micro-service specification to a behavioral model of an IT system;
  • Generates an OpenAPI specification from a behavioral model of an IT system.

Responsible: Blagovesta Kostova

Comparison and Connection Between Service Design and Business Process Modeling

The goal of this project is to compare the two approaches of describing the activities within organizations (1) business process modeling and (2) SEAM services modeling.

Responsibles: Gorica Tapandjieva and Blagovesta Kostova

Project Management Dashboard: git, Performance Metrics and Collaboration Patterns

This project focuses on building a tool to visualize insights gained from git logs. The main goal for is to present useful information with the help of a well-designed user interface (UI), and with intuitive user experience (UX).

Responsible: Blagovesta Kostova
Past Projects 2015/2016 (# 3)
  • Nemanja Drobnjak (Project IN II) - Self assessment tool for IT project leadership
  • Matteo Filipponi (Project IN II) - SEAM to Scala Model to Text Transformation
  • Timothée Emery (Project IN II) - Visualization of an Information Systems Cartography

Past Projects 2014/2015 (# 3)
  • Gianni Scarnera (Project IN II) - Etude de notations de modélisation métier
  • Manuroop Kondepudi (Project SC I) - Application System Refactoring
  • Nina Desnica (Project IN II) - Similarities and Differences between Business and IT Modelling

Past Projects 2013/2014 (# 4)
  • Alexis Kessel (Project IN II) - Formalisation of Goal-Belief using Attempto
  • Michael Michel Susplugas (Project SC I) - SEAM Prototyping using Arcimboldo
  • Aarthi Gopal (Optional project) - Comparison of modeling tools - SEAM CAD and Archimate with EPFL case study
  • Ahmed Mouhtaine (Project IN II) - Systemic Approach for Accounting in IT Businesses

Past Projects 2012/2013 (# 6)
  • Loya Aniruddha (Optional project) - Development of an artifact for designing IT-based Business Models
  • Hounkpatin Quentin Alban (Project SC II) - Formalizing Natural Language Constructs to Specify Goal-Belief Model of Human Practical Reasoning
  • Trejo Becerril Rodica Sheyna (Optional project SC) - Designing Constructs to Specify Goal-Belief Model of Human Practical Reasoning
  • Almaguer Ramirez Sergio Eduardo (Project IN II) - A systemic approach for modeling business and marketing concepts based on's case
  • Vasilescu Oana-Maria (Optional project IN) - Study on BPMN, BPEL and Web Services Development
  • Golubev Sergey (Project IN II) - Towards the implementation of SEAM model

Past Projects 2011/2012 (# 8)
  • Khalfi Imad (Project SC II) - Strategy Maps and Goal Belief Modeling
  • Balas Martin (Optional project IN) - JolieBox
  • Hanser Valérian (Project IN II) - System Dynamic and Enterprise Architecture
  • Dosmukhamedov Diyar (Optional project IN) - Semantic Ordering of Concepts
  • Viswanathan Vijay (Project IN II) - Business-IT
  • Ilic Sanja (Project SC II) - Wizard for Goal-Belief Capture
  • Coca Olmos Cievoloth Gilber (Optional project IN) - Relationship Between GB and SAR in Marketing Analysis
  • Coca Olmos Cievoloth Gilber (Project IN II) - Guidelines for Perception / Consequence Modelling

Past Projects 2010/2011 (# 4)
  • Tourino Pablo (Project IN II) - Business Model Mining
  • Mader Arnaud (Project IN II) - Guidelines for Perception / Consequence Modelling
  • Kim Miji (Project IN II) - System Dynamic
  • Tapandjieva Gorica (Project IN) - Guidelines for Perception / Consequence Modelling

Past Projects 2008/2009 (# 1)
  • Kwanga Rodrigue (Project IN II) - Formalization of Goal-Belief Models Using Controlled English

Past Projects 2007/2008 (# 6)
  • Mardambey Karim (Optional project SC) - Correspondence Between Formal Representations and Diagrammatic Representations in SEAM
  • Droz-dit-Busset Arnault (Project IN) - From Swing to Google Window Toolkit: how to Develop GUI Independent Software
  • Tagliani Raphaël (Specialisation project IN) - Créer l'Architecture de la version 3 de l'ERP SAINet, Réaliser cette Architecture Distribuée, et Intégrer IBM Sametime à l'ERP afin de Montrer des Statistiques Portant sur les Logs de Cette Application
  • Imhoff Lionel (Project IN) - Validation of Java Software using Light-Weight Formal Methods
  • Signori Jean (Project IN) - Transformation of SEAM Visual Models Using ATL
  • Estoppey Quentin (Project SC II) - Intégration d'une Application de Gestion des Contrats dans les SI de l'EPFL

Past Projects 2006/2007 (# 3)
  • Aganovic Lajla (Project SC II) - L'outil SEAM pour le Business
  • Etzweiler Dominik (Project SC II) - SOA / BPM
  • Bidiville Yvan (Project SC II) - Lightswitch Modeling Tool V4

Past Projects 2005/2006 (# 8)
  • Desboeufs Michaël (Project IN) - Automatic Java Code Generation from the Alloy Specification Language
  • Hussami Lotfi (Project IN) - Alloy Modelisation
  • Quattropani Niccolò (Project SC II) - Development of a CAD Tool to Support Business Planning
  • Salomon Arnaud (Project SC II) - Market Simulation Web Application
  • Matthey Lionel (Projet IN) - Specification and Development of a .NET Application for Problem Tracking"
  • Eder Lukas (Project IN) - Development of a Small CAD tool to Support Goal Modeling
  • Deléamont Stéphanie (Projet SC II) - Development of a Small CAD Tool to Support Goal Modeling
  • Schulé Loïc (Projet IN) - Outil de Traduction UML à VC

Past Projects 2004/2005 (# 11)
  • Ranaivojoelina Tiana Linda (Projet SC II) - Documentation for SeamCad
  • Tabete Noureddine (Project SC II) - Development of a Small CAD Tool to Illustrate Multi-viewpoint Modeling
  • Jordan David (Projet SC) - Projet Business Plan
  • Mardambey Karim (Project SC II) - Development of a CAD Tool for Business Planning
  • Kunfermann Philipp (Project SC II)
  • Kornfilt Mark (Project IN II) - Adding Dynamic Simulation to a Graphical, UML-like, Modeling CAD Tool
  • Jaccard Mathieu (Project SC II) - CAD Tool for Business Planning
  • Maye Jérôme (Project IN) - Galaxy 3000
  • Brichon Mathieu (Project IN) - Business Plan
  • Rhmari Tlemcani Omar (Project SC I) - Self-organized Application for the I&C Buildings
  • Nevski Alexandre (Project IN) - Service en ligne de Conseils en Carrières

Guidelines for Student Projects | Internships | Masters
  • Perform theoretical and applied research in business and IT alignment and related fields

    Teach graduate enterprise architecture and business plan disciplines

    Perform technology transfer to established companies and start-ups


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