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With 15 million passengers in 2014, including a high percentage of business travellers, Genève Aéroport occupies a special place in the European air transport sector. It has an extensive network of 132 direct destinations, 25 of which are intercontinental. It is especially popular when temperatures drop, when it welcomes countless tourists visiting the region for the winter sports.

Use of SEAM
SEAM was brought to Geneva Airport by Itecor consultants involved in change and communication management for the deployment of a new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). SEAM was used to model business and IT alignment in order to help stakeholders to accept the new system.

This model shows the alignment between the expectations of a technician and the IT concerning the CMMS, in French Gestion de Maintenance Assistée par Ordinateur (GMAO).

"SEAM was instrumental for our employees to understand how the CMMS improves the relationships they maintain with customers, suppliers and regulators."

Nicolas Gaspoz, Chief Technical Officer Geneva Airport

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