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Ongoing Events
The Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF) is an association that promotes knowledge management in Switzerland. SKMF holds regular roundtables in different cities in Switzerland. These roundtables bring together people interested in knowledge management. the Swiss French area roundtables (called the Lausanne roundtable series) are held at EPFL. They are co-organized by Gil Regev (LAMS) and Véronique Sikora (Business School Lausanne). The round-table are hands-on events in which participants practically experiment with knowledge management issues.

The SEAM Adopter Forum is a LinkedIn group that bring together SEAM users. Meetings and workshops are organised according to an irregular schedule.

  • Perform theoretical and applied research in business and IT alignment and related fields

    Teach graduate enterprise architecture and business plan disciplines

    Perform technology transfer to established companies and start-ups


Professor Alain Wegmann


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